How I can Serve You

Online bookkeeping Services

Outsourced Bookkeeping

You don’t need to hire a full time employee to do your bookkeeping.   Organizing the financial aspect of a business requires hours of time every month; hours you could be spending with your family or growing your business.  Let me spend those hours working with you to keep your books in order so you can get back to focusing on your talents.  

I am an Advanced Certified Quick Books Online Pro Advisor and have over 5 years experience using the many features it has to offer.  


Tax Services

Throughout the year, I will keep excellent records so when it comes to filing your federal taxes everything will be in order to make it a breeze.  

Do you have to file quarterly reports to the IRS or your state?  I can do those too and make sure they are done on time so you don’t have to pay any late fees.  

Let me calculate and file your 1099’s!  When you pay anyone over $600 in a year, a 1099 is required to be filed with the IRS and given to the business or individual to help them file their taxes.  


If you have employees I can run your payroll, whether you pay weekly or monthly I will have the checks posted on time for direct deposit or for you to sign the paychecks.  If you don’t have a payroll service yet, I can get that all set up for you.  

Invoicing/Outgoing bills/Budgeting

I can create and send out your invoices.  I can also process payments and keep accurate records so you know exactly how much money is coming in and which invoices still need to be paid and know how much money you have coming in.  

I will input your outgoing expenses and match them to any receipts that are uploaded in QBO.  When you receive a bill, send me a copy and I will input that also and help you keep track of when they are due so they are paid on time.  

Do you cringe at the word budget?  Creating a budget can be an overwhelming process, there are a lot of parts and pieces that have to be figured out.  I can work with you to create a budget that works.  

Request A Free Consultation

I would love to meet with you for a free consultation to review your bookkeeping needs.  Just give me a call or send an email.